Holmes Shoe Repair

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Quality Repairs   Traditional Service

Holmes Shoe Repair served downtown St. Petersburg for more than 70 years.

Earl T. Holmes first opened his store in 1946 and proudly serviced his patrons shoes until 1975.

Robert and Joan Daniel purchased the store that year and felt that things should remain the same.

Use Quality materials and provide the kind of service their customers were use to receiving.

 By this time I was already working around the shop earning much needed allowance money.

In 1983 my father was wanting to retire after his 50 years in the business and that is when my wife and I took over.

I started shining shoes at about age 8 in other shops my parents previously owned.

I am a fourth generation shoe repairman in my family.

The tradition of shoe repair in my family continues and we feel that quality materials and service remains alive and well, just the way it has always been.

Earl Duncan

Shoe Repairman and this sites' webmaster